In accordance to the Ordinance A/22, 2017 of the Governor of Zamyn-Uud free zone on “Project selection on the land rights for possession or use, hereby announcing project selection on land possession or use in 3rd and 4th sector of Zamyn-Uud sum, Dornogobi province from 26th May, 2017 with 60 calendar days. The position of lands in 3, 4th sector in Free zone for possession and use:

  1. 23.31 ha land in 4th sector of “Zamyn-Uud’ free zone for warehouse and logistics
  1. 18.75 ha land in 3, 4th sector of “Zamyn-Uud” free zone for production and industry
  1. 13,34 ha land in 3th sector of “Zamyn-Uud’ free zone for trade and busiess
  1. 8.22 ha land in 4th sector of “Zamyn-Uud” free zone for service and entertainment.

Deadline for registration and submission of project:

From 09:00, 26th May, 2017 to 12:00, 24th July, 2017.

Address and contact number:

Nr:1106, Governor’s office of “Zamyn-Uud” free zone, Government building-11, Chingiltei district, Ulaanbaatar

Responsible officer: Amartuvshin.Sh

Phone: (976-51) 264301, 260143

For more details please visit our official web site:

Trade and business zone

Turning points of land in 3rd sector of “Zamyn-Uud’ free zone for trade and business

Location: /2,57 hа/ field

  1. X=571526.1342 Y=4841093.047
  2. X=571321.6308 Y=4841184.5568
  3. X=571330.5692 Y=4841204.4689
  4. X=571347.4911 Y=4841196.6033
  5. X=571367.5320 Y=4841186.4621
  6. X=571375.8116 Y=4841203.1078
  7. X=571355.7101 Y=4841213.1274
  8. X=571338.2623  Y=4841221.6067
  9. X=571370.2088 Y=4841292.7741
  10. X=571574.5802 Y=4841201.3158

Location: /1,61 hа/ field

  1. X=571563.5577 Y=4841076.3014
  2. X=571612.0036 Y=4841184.5685
  3. X=571735.3034 Y=4841129.3906
  4. Х=571688.0706 Y=4841020.5854

Location: /2,37 hа/ field

  1. X=571465.3729 Y=4840957.2561
  2. X=571259.1931 Y=4841045.4644
  3. X=571295.4740 Y=4841126.2872
  4. X=571299.4054 Y=4841124.1861
  5. X=571328.2130 Y=4841110.9641
  6. X=571337.6298 Y=4841132.4780
  7. X=571509.3875 Y=4841055.6213

Location: /1 hа/ field

  1. X=571706.8644 Y=4840857.7009
  2. X=571661.2217 Y=4840878.1152
  3. X=571615.5790 Y=4840898.5295
  4. X=571656.4076 Y=4840989.8149
  5. X=571747.6930 Y=4840948.9863

Location: /0,91 hа/ field

  1. X=571554.8366 Y=4840859.9117
  2. X=571481.2303 Y=4840892.3156
  3. X=571434.7966 Y=4840788.5456
  4. X=571507.2210 Y=4840756.1393

Location: /4,88 hа/ field

  1. X=571411.9245 Y=4840737.4308
  2. X=571320.7682 Y=4840533.7144
  3. X=571522.7819 Y=4840446.1251
  4. X=571612.8596 Y=4840647.5229

Service and entertainment zone

Public Park, sport, entertainment facility, hotels.

Turning points of land in 4th sector of “Zamyn-Uud’ free zone for service and entertainment:

Location: /1,04 hа/ field

  1. X=572251.3460 Y=4840826.6277
  2. X=572146.6651 Y=4840814.4700
  3. X=572135.2450 Y=4840913.2797
  4. X=572239.9115 Y=4840925.3359

Location: /1,04 hа/ field

  1. X=572355.8873 Y=4840839.9869
  2. X=572251.3460 Y=4840826.6277
  3. X=572239.9115 Y=4840925.3359
  4. X=572344.5781 Y=4840937.3920

Location: /1,04 hа/ field

  1. X=572262.7804 Y=4840727.9196
  2. X=572158.0853 Y=4840715.6603
  3. X=572146.6651 Y=4840814.4700
  4. X=572251.3460 Y=4840826.6277

Location: /1,05 hа/ field

  1. X=572367.4755 Y=4840740.1788
  2. X=572262.7804 Y=4840727.9196
  3. X=572251.3460 Y=4840826.6277
  4. X=572355.8873 Y=4840839.9869

Location: /4,05 hа/ field

  1. X=572385.3049 Y=4840942.1333
  2. X=572408.2017 Y=4840744.9477
  3. X=572611.0535 Y=4840768.7006
  4. X=572588.2615 Y=4840965.4918

Production and industry zone

Turning points of land in 3, 4th sector of “Zamyn-Uud’ free zone for production and industry

Location: /0,88 hа/ field

  1. X=571292.6116 Y=4840304.4497
  2. X=571230.5948 Y=4840332.1945
  3. X=571283.6180 Y=4840450.6909
  4. X=571346.0395 Y=4840423.6091

Location: /1,6 hа/ field

  1. X=571744.3891 Y=4840163.7895
  2. X=571708.2425 Y=4840159.8363
  3. X=571689.3652 Y=4840158.3829
  4. X=571671.0533 Y=4840157.9140
  5. X=571653.4007 Y=4840158.5811
  6. X=571627.1128 Y=4840162.3661
  7. X=571601.5135 Y=4840169.1989
  8. X=571638.3623 Y=4840301.6957
  9. X=571654.9185 Y=4840298.0021
  10. X=571676.3431 Y=4840294.9935
  11. X=571702.3155 Y=4840293.6621
  12. X=571729.0960 Y=4840294.3451

Location: /1,74 hа/ field

  1. X=571917.1991 Y=4840184.0185
  2. X=571785.1130 Y=4840168.5564
  3. X=571769.8328 Y=4840299.0021
  4. X=571902.0530 Y=4840314.4553

Location: /2,67 hа/ field

  1. X=572174.7644 Y=4840214.1722
  2. X=571972.8213 Y=4840190.5301
  3. X=571957.6754 Y=4840320.9649
  4. X=572159.6912 Y=4840344.6383

Location: /2,77 hа/ field

  1. X=572425.2251 Y=4840243.4984
  2. X=572215.4882 Y=4840218.9402
  3. X=572200.4147 Y=4840349.4096
  4. X=572410.0126 Y=4840373.9618

Location: /1,5 hа/ field

  1. X=572668.5781 Y=4840271.9892
  2. X=572555.2085 Y=4840258.7165
  3. X=572540.0226 Y=4840389.1906
  4. X=572653.4585 Y=4840402.5886

Location: /3,67 hа/ field

  1. X=571043.2779 Y=4840354.5671
  2. X=570959.5164 Y=4840163.7368
  3. X=570798.4445 Y=4840235.7606
  4. X=570882.6676 Y=4840426.4349

Location: /3,92 hа/ field

  1. X=571166.1393 Y=4840071.2271
  2. X=570996.5201 Y=4840147.1783
  3. X=571080.6976 Y=4840337.8229
  4. X=571254.4507 Y=4840260.0741

Warehouse, logistics zone

Turning points of land in 4th sector of “Zamyn-Uud’ free zone for warehouse, logistics

Location: /4,3 hа/ field

  1. X=571398.6146 Y=4840049.7994
  2. X=571533.3165 Y=4839994.9720
  3. X=571638.8273 Y=4840003.1560
  4. X=571650.0267 Y=4839886.2753
  5. X=571327.5022 Y=4839848.0289
  6. X=571325.8672 Y=4839863.9836
  7. X=571331.4708 Y=4839897.2451
  8. X=571344.2872 Y=4839928.3919
  9. X=571398.6146 Y=4840049.7994

Location: /2,71 hа/ field

  1. X=571638.8273 Y=4840003.1560
  2. X=571533.3165 Y=4839994.9720
  3. X=571398.6146 Y=4840049.7994
  4. X=571452.9421 Y=4840171.2070
  5. X=571583.2470 Y=4840113.2585
  6. X=571629.1302 Y=4840104.3589

Location: /2,6 hа/ field

  1. X=571774.9355 Y=4839901.0875
  2. X=571650.0267 Y=4839886.2753
  3. X=571629.1302 Y=4840104.3589
  4. X=571657.5517 Y=4840101.4467
  5. X=571675.5026 Y=4840101.0052
  6. X=571697.0479 Y=4840101.8941
  7. X=571750.8905 Y=4840108.1774

Location: /8 hа/ field

  1. X=572205.4525 Y=4839951.4683
  2. X=571815.6418  Y=4839905.8272
  3. X=571796.8318 Y=4840067.9631
  4. X=571836.7561 Y=4840072.0823
  5. X=571831.4638 Y=4840117.5922
  6. X=572181.4464 Y=4840158.5740

Location: /5,6 hа/ field

  1. X=572527.2025 Y=4839988.0719
  2. X=572245.1718 Y=4839955.0345
  3. X=572220.8708 Y=4840164.0672
  4. X=572441.8024 Y=4840190.7683
  5. X=572448.2019 Y=4840143.4969
  6. X=572476.4850 Y=4840145.4789
  7. X=572510.8766 Y=4840145.2771


General provision

Required to build green facilities, road and fields, conduct harmless operation for environment, construct buildings and objects in compliance with modern standards on the following lands: 13.34 hа for trade and business, 8.22 hа for service and entertainment, 18.75 hа for production, 23.31 hа for warehouse and logistics.

  1. Scope and timing of work:
  • “Zamyn-Uud” free zone
  • Duration of land possession and use is 5-60 years
  • Participant for project selection shall commence construction work within 90 calendar days after the signature date of agreement on land possession and/or use;
  1. Requirement for participants of project selection:
  • Capital assurance, payment capability.
  • Participant shall be fully responsible for accuracy of information, capital assurance, payment capability submitted for the project selection.
  • Should have qualified human, technical and technological resources.
  • Participant shall fill the form with general information of the organization according to attached project form.
  • Participant should study requirement of project, the Law on Free zones and other legal acts, formulate the project documents according to relevant requirements and submit to the Governor’s office of “Zamyn-Uud” free zone within the specified timing.
  • For additional information or questions about the project, participant can refer to the contact details indicated in respective announcement.
  • Participant shall pay MNT12500 /twelve thousand five hundred/ to bank account- Тuriin san /State foundation/ 100900036011.
  1. Component of project documents:

Project documents shall consist from the followings:

  • Verified copy of registration certificate of the Legal entity
  • Form of the project /filled/
  • Project should be developed according to standard МNS ISO 21500 “Guidance on project management
  • Architectural drawing of a building to be built upon the project selection on land possession and/or use
  • General solution on engineering supply of a building should be determined
  • The particular service should be harmless for the environment, health and safety of population
  • Calculation of significance, efficiency and impact of the project to socio-economic development of Free zone and to urban, settlement areas.
  1. Formulation and verification of project proposal
  • Project proposal should be sealed and submitted using the double envelope system.
  • Participant shall submit the original and copy of project package in the envelopes by writing words “ORIGINAL, COPY’ and contain them in to the outer envelope or parcel.
  • Outer envelope should be labeled “To: Governor’s office of Zamyn-Uud” free zone and write “DO NOT OPEN before 12:00 am, 24th July, 2017” on it.
  • Inner envelope should be labeled with name and address of organization.
  • If the submission didn’t comply aforementioned procedure the Governor’s office of “Zamyn-Uud” free zone will not bear any responsibility for the consequences may result.
  • No delay beyond the deadline.
  • Participant may return own project proposal before the deadline for submission upon the written notice.

More details:

Technical specifications


Form of project

Turning points

Requirements for project