L.Sayanaa, senior advisor of Deputy Prime Minister’s administration, receives Chai Wengrui, Consul general of Chinese Consulate General in Zamiin Uud, Mongolia

Sayanaa- senior advisor of the Deputy Prime Minister’s administration of Mongolia, received the Consul General of Chinese Consulate in Zamiin Uud, Mongolia on February 28 at the State Palace. The meeting was attended by the following people include Mr. Ganbold-Advisor of the Deputy Prime Minister, I. Batnasan- Governor of Zamiin Uud Free Zone, N. Zurgaanjin-Head of Foreign Relations and Information Technology Division, Chai Wengrui- Consul general, and his deputy consul  Zhang Yi Shi participated.

Based on the consistently organized meeting of the two presidents of both countries, on the basis of the development strategy of “Steppe  Road” of Mongolia, and  the “One belt -One road” initiatives of the Republic of China, both sides exchanged views  about following issues how to develop and  intensify Zamiin –Uud, Erlian economic cooperation zone for intensifying regional development and increasing economic growth and attract investment in the  free zones.

The parties are very pleased that the meeting was organized during the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and China, and both parties  expressed their willingness to take part by intensifying their relations,   further strengthening their ties and cooperate closely.

Zamiin  Uud Free Zone Administration