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In compliance with our key functions, powers as stipulated in “The Law of Free zones” of Mongolia and relying on a favorable location the Governor’s office of “Zamyn-Uud” free zone is working toward the establishment of strategically significant gate-region to encourage mutually beneficial cooperation and economic, trade partnership between Asia-Europe.

Intensifying export, import re-export of the country; accustoming innovation based high, advanced technology by attracting foreign investment and exploring new opportunity to improve an employment of people are key priorities of the Office.

As of today, we are implementing project “The Infrastructure improvement of Zamyn-Uud” by aligning the best practices of countries that succeeded in establishing economic free zones. Within the first stage of development work the basic infrastructure of Zamyn-Uud soum such as heating, power, water supply and sewerage system were fully renovated including 278.62 hectare or 30.9% out of 900 hectares territory of “Zamyn-Uud” free zone.

Please be informed that, as a result of abovementioned development work foreign and domestic investors, citizens and business entities are provided with an established favorable environment in “Zamyn-Uud” free zone with an opportunity to expand businesses using special preferential agreement concluded on foreign trade, customs and tariffs.

With this, I am happy to inform you that our door is open in front of every domestic, foreign investors who are eager to cooperate and put significant contribution to make “Zamyn-Uud” free zone as a an entertainment, service, trade and industrial hub of Mongolia.

Yours sincerely,

BATNASAN, The Governor of “Zamyn-Uud” free zone