Division of Investment and development policy:

Within the 1st strategic objective: Key responsibility is to develop Free zone, provide with policy to bring sustainable growth of investment, formulate long, medium term strategy, planning and coordinate their implementation, conduct associated research and study. As well as, within the key functions to solve investment of infrastructure, improve economic benefits and financial capacity of such Free zone, attract domestic and foreign investment, strive to evolve in compliance to an international development trends, execute a benefit and risk analyze, assessment, conclusion for the projects and programs formulated by the business entities, organizations, coordinate the planning of Governor’s budget package, issue required statements.

Division of infrastructure development and land relations:

Within the 2nd strategic objective: Key responsibility is to handle matters linked to land relations, monitor the performance of construction works in infrastructure, select potential investors within the framework of Free zone planning. As well as, providing sustainable operation in FZ, introducing, monitoring and implementing environmentally friendly advanced technology; transparency and standards in heat, energy and water supply, road network, industry and services are among its key functions.

Division of Legal affairs and human resource:

Within the 3rd strategic objective: Key responsibility is to provide with policy on administrative leadership of public administration and human resources; monitor the project, program, legal documents as regulations, contracts and agreements in compliance to the Law on Free zones and other applicable laws. Actions such as: conduct result based assessment on abovementioned activities and issue related recommendations, ensure the execution of performance and provide assistance in conclusion of an agreement are belong to crucial functions of the division.

By ensuring the implementation of action plan of such Free zone, legal regulations and state standard on official correspondence; coordination of consistency between structural units and confirmation of legal grounds of decisions the division works towards providing leadership of public administration and methodological consulting for Governor, Chief of administration, heads of divisions and officers.

Division of foreign relations, cooperation, IT:

Within the 4th strategic objective: Key function is to develop foreign relations, cooperation, public relations and provide with reliable operation of information technology. Within the framework of its responsibility formulates grounds of the investment and international investment’s agreements, studies and implements international treatments, practices, enhances information technology, network and database of such Free zone.

Division of registration and finance:

Within the 5th strategic objective: Key function is to organize financial operation of such Free zone in compliance to international accounting standards, regulate business activity, effective spending of capital within the allocated budget, monitor the safety and maintenance of fixed and current assets. Within the key responsibility implements functions related to specifying financial management, register and grant of registration certificate for business entities to operate in such Free zone.